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Complimentary planning and design services for kitchen building and home remodeling projects

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When you are in Buffalo, NY looking to either build your kitchen for the first time or make improvements on an existing kitchen, kitchen design services are of great importance. From wood and countertop selections to spatial planning, our experts can help empower you with the knowledge that will help you make decisions on the kitchen you want. Let our experts create a functional, ergonomic kitchen design that fits a theme and works for YOU. 

For a little inspiration, come on down to our 14,000 square foot showroom and see some of our award-winning designs. Here you will find 57 full-sized, beautiful displays. One of our amazing features is the 3D modeling software we use to create your vision. This gives you an opportunity to see your projected kitchen before you buy it. We are confident that from our kitchen design services, you will have an opportunity to understand and create the space you want. 

From here, we will have a specialist visit your home and survey the existing floor, trim, heat leads, and other constraints to measure. For the best result, all of these will be considered to maximize space in your kitchen. Once you are ready to buy, a 50%  deposit will be collected and your design will be given to you to keep. 


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To best serve you, call us ahead and ask to speak to one of our professionals for kitchen design services. We look forward to helping you explore the possibilities for a kitchen design that perfectly fits your wants and needs.


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