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brand new kitchenIf you are in the Orchard Park, NY area looking for kitchen design and planning services, look no further than Kitchen World. We are your complete, number-one source for all things kitchens. One very important aspect, kitchen design and planning, cannot go unpracticed when trying to create a masterpiece. 

That is where our team of extraordinary designers and planners thrive. Our team has collectively 17 years of experience on average, making us knowledgeable, reliable, and a trustworthy source for all the kitchen design and planning services you would ever need. So, no matter what kind of project you have. Whether it be a full remodel or a brand new kitchen being built in a new Orchard Park home, our designers can help you turn an idea into a kitchen space you will love.


Why Choose Kitchen World

A Harvard study once found that family businesses are 20% more effective than Wall Street at keeping businesses thriving for 100 years or more. Passion is the biggest factor in the longevity and success of these small businesses. As for the case with Kitchen World, we are full of passion for bringing the best possible kitchens to your home for your enjoyment. This puts us in a unique position as we are still a family run small business in our roots with the resources that a large box store has. But, having a more intimate connection with our customers and having kitchen planners and designers that dedicate their life to the craft, allows us to provide a higher quality product than other kitchen stores!


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If you are in the Orchard Park, NY area looking for unmatched kitchen design and planning services, rely on Kitchen World. To take it one step further, if you have looked at our gallery of our beautiful kitchens but want to take it a step further, we invite you to our showroom! Here you will find dozens of beautiful designs, some of which are award winning. Find a design to inspire new ideas, take a design and add your own ideas. Whatever you need to do to get the kitchen you desire. Remember, our design team will work with you and bring their experience to your ideas to make it happen!

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