Kitchen And Bath Showroom Buffalo, NY

If you are looking for a kitchen and bath showroom in the Buffalo, NY area that truly offers a variety of setups, products, styles, and options, then rely on Kitchen World! We have over 100 styles of countertops on display, giving you plenty of inspiration and ideas to build your dream design, or remodel your ourdated kitchen. You may even find something you want to replicate exactly.  If not, then you can rely on our team of highly skilled design experts who specialize in kitchen design. Our designers have over 15 years of experience on average and some possess degrees in interior design and engineering for an overall collaborative effort that will create total functionality. Not to mention, a space that perfectly suits your desired style. 


We are more than a kitchen and bath showroom. In fact, we want to be your resource for all things kitchens. We have an extensive network of some of the best contractors in the industry and the highest quality cabinet builders. To allow us to best serve you, we recommend coming down to our kitchen and bath showroom and seeing our products in-person and having a face-to-face conversation with us.

Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen World partners with high-quality cabinet makers who can provide budget-friendly, yet elegant kitchen cabinets. Because of our awesome partners, we can also semi-custom cabients. Click to find out more.


Kitchen countertops


We have found the best kitchen countertops to add to your kitchen to improve aesthetics and functionality. Not only will your new coutnertops look great, but you will experience incredbile durability and easy to maintain countertops when you choose Kitchen World!



If you would like, you can also browse our gallery of products that we have installed in actual homes. We have been featured in numerous Home Shows and magazines. For more information, contact us with any questions. Again, we invite you down to our kitchen and bath showroom to see our wonderful, extensive displays!