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Building a new house and planning your kitchen? Tearing up your existing kitchen for a home improvement project? No matter what kind of kitchen-related construction project you are undertaking, proper planning from qualified experts will help enable you to make the best choices to maximize your satisfaction. The professionals at Kitchen World are highly trained and experienced designers and planners who can optimize your kitchen space for a functional kitchen with a design that fits the overall theme of your home. If you are in Amherst, NY, come on down to our kitchen and bath showroom and meet the experts who will help you!

Our kitchen and bath showroom has 57 beautiful kitchen designs to either heavily base your decisions on, or to at least spark inspiration in your own design. Our kitchen and bath showroom features designs that are award-winning designs, featured in several home shows and magazines. Here is a preview of some of our work. Though the photos can provide tons of value and inspiration, there is nothing quite like the actual product in person, which is why we encourage you to visit our kitchen and bath showroom. Not only can you see these beautiful designs in person, but you will have an opportunity to speak to our expert staff and see a 3D created model of your kitchen design ideas. 


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At Kitchen World, we are more than just a showroom, we are your complete source for all things kitchen related. Our extensive network allows us to get you excellent service and high-quality final products. In fact, we make sure to get you only the best final products. We are sure to partner only with masters of their particular trade. There are no cutting corners here, only high-quality workmanship and customer service!


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