Custom Kitchen Cabinets Services For Williamsville, NY

Kitchen World is your complete source for all of your cabinet needs—and we have the network to get any job done. With respect to cupboards, we have built strong, lasting relationships with cabinet manufacturers that share our values, making us the go-to source for those in Williamsville, NY. Our cabinetry falls into 3 quality classifications: 


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1. Builder Grade: Century Cabinetry

  • Century Cabinetry specializes in making high-quality cabinets with a broad array of door styles and finish choices at budget-friendly prices. This style of cabinets are popular in new homes as well as high-end downtown apartments and condos. 
  • The “fit and finish” for their cabinets are excellent thanks to their quality construction materials and methods. The long-term durability of these products speaks for themselves. Construction upgrades include dovetail drawers, soft-close hinges, and plywood construction. 


2. Semi-Custom: HomeCrest Cabinetry

  • HomeCrest Cabinetry’s work resides in hundreds of thousands of Western New York homes. Your Williamsville home could be next!
  • The “fit and finish” is excellent and the long-term durability significantly exceeds the price range. Ask one of our Kitchen Specialists to explain how the sturdy cabinet box, solid face frames, and intricate mitre joints are engineered to be superior.
  • Our rate of repeat business with HomeCrest Cabinetry continues to exceed expectations.


3. Furniture Grade: Candlelight Cabinetry

  • Pinpoint your design theme as you select from over 80 door styles, all available in your choice of 10 wood species and over 200 finish options!
  • Candlelight uses Select Grade Hardwoods—choosing the best part of the tree with the fewest imperfections and most attractive grains.
  • Every Candlelight cabinet is hand-sanded and wiped before applying multiple coats of topcoat conversion varnish. Take the “touch test” and you will feel the difference!
  • Candlelight is built with heavier construction and with unrivaled “Signature Drawers” so they will last for generations of enjoyment.
  • Candlelight Cabinetry handmakes all products in Lockport, NY—employing 218 workers with an economic impact of 600 jobs. 94 percent of the components are made in the US and most of them are sourced in New York, Pennsylvania, and Canada.
  • Go green! Candlelight started the first cabinet company tree planting program in 1990. Since then, they have arranged for over 30,000 trees to be planted. In addition, they have a state of the art distillery to reclaim up to 80 percent of their paint and overspray.


As with other durable goods, the “grade” of the cabinet affects every aspect of the product.  However, every cabinet shop we work with must pass the following 3 point test:


1. The back of the cabinet must be a solid half-inch thick and/or rabbeted in place; and the frames of the cabinets must be fastened with a steel screw as opposed to relying solely on an “old fashioned” wood and glue adhesion.

2. The cabinets must be assembled and finished as close to our Williamsville showroom as possible. At least 70 percent of the components must be sourced in the US and manufactured in the “greenest” manner possible.

3. We will only work with cabinet shops that use an oil-based polyurethane protective top coat over their stains. Oil-based finish must be oven cured and prolongs the life of the cabinetry because it is more durable. Please make an appointment to speak with one of our kitchen specialists about painted cabinetry considerations.


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